a week in february


Richard has been in Washington all week .. a long week. To make it short my days I sleep most of the morning and try to go out in the evenings, but it's winter and the weather is cold outside, or sometimes just don't want to go out. I'm lonely, I like when Richard arrives in the afternoon and tell me about his day, or complain of his work, and we eat together and see something on television or simply make us company while everyone does their things...ahhh (sigh).

But well, I have several hanging things that I must do which I used to resume this week, a little bit at least. Like a sweater that i had left out because I had no needles to continue it, but today the needles came from China!!,  so I hope to continue this sweater to come out before spring, yay!

Another thing to do is learn English. Richard is English, and I don't speak English!. Has it any sense ?!?!. Well, the truth is that may not make sense but is not too important because we speak in French between us, yes it may sound strange, but anyway, we are not a normal couple, linguistically speaking ..

So I've been watching some DVDs in English, like "Charlie and Lola" to get used to the accent (and besides I love it!).

And followed a course from the BBC on the Internet. It's fun but some things, especially in terms of pronunciation, are very subtle and difficult to grasp fully. I will have to keep practicing.

I'm going out a while..

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